Bengal Kittens

About Us

Please text me at 267-423-5892 ….be specific about which kitten you are interested in. I require $300 deposit to hold a kitten until it is ready to leave my home. You can find me on facebook under Reginamurcattery. I have a wonderful reputation for producing sweet, healthy, and beautiful bengal kittens for families. What to expect?

Step 1: Text//message/email me which kitten you want and provide me with your email address.

Step 2: I email you a purchase agreement  and mail to me with a $300 deposit and I list the kitten as “PENDING”

Step 3:  I place the kitten on HOLD for you.
I have 2 wonderful repeat breedings planned. I bred these parents last year and the babies look and temperament were outstanding. I will post previous kittens from the pairs so you will know what to expect. I will begin a waiting list for my upcoming litters also. To be on my waiting list I now require a $50 deposit be placed because a high percentage of families were asking to be on my list but were not serious about wanting a kitten. This can be sent via Paypal to Waiting list families get preference to all kittens born. Our prices vary on the color of the kittens and their pattern, so we can not tell you 100% what will be the price till they are born, but usually as a pet around $1600-2000. And we have 2 retired cat: one is Gabbriella-2 yers old female $ 800 (very nice to people but might hurt other pets. She is more on the wild Bengal side) and second one Hennessy -4 ears old female $600(very kind but very sensitive to unknown things and other animals). Its best if you don’t have any other pets You can see their pictures in “Bengal Queens ” at our website 

We gonna have two new litters in May and June.  Offered for a reserve of Bengal kittens of a Bengal cat. Grow these home leopards, with good character, healthy, active. Grow on high quality food and meat. Socialized. At the time of move into a new house will be vaccinated.With documents, genetic testing: PRA, PKdef and a feline virus tests:FIV/FLV and FIPM. They need to grow up to 2.5 -3 months old with their mom.