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Bengal Kittens Philadelphia
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by Maria on Bengal Kittens Philadelphia

Omg she is amazing I buy my new cat from here and I just wanna say thank you! Everything is perfect I’m recommended is the best high recommend!

by Diane on Bengal Kittens Philadelphia
New addition to our family

We brought home our wonderful Bengal kitten, Pasha, yesterday at 1:30 PM. He slept through the night with us — snuggling in tight! In a very short time we enjoyed playtime, snuggle time, sleep time . He is so patient and loving. Regina has does an excellent job socializing and matching her cats up to the perfect parents. We might have to do We just might have to do this again! Without hesitation we highly recommend Reginamur cattery.

by Steven on Bengal Kittens Philadelphia
We Love Our Bengal

Our family had been researching getting a cat for a long time. Then we decided on Bengals and started our search for a breeder. Regina proved to be worth every penny and this is why:
1. Her website chock-full of information on how to care for the kitten.
2. Fair pricing options that are set forth by the International Cat Association. We got a marble-colored kitten, which is not as desirable as a full-colored Bengal, and we paid a very fair price for her.
3. Her impeccable communication and response time to every single question that we asked and continue to ask regarding the kitten.
4. The fact that the kitten came to us after spending 2.5 months with her mother. Very important for the long term health of the cat as there are too many other people who breed animals who do not understand this.
5. The kitten was fully potty-trained!!! This is the one thing that I was most worried about since I had trained dogs in the past. Our kitten has not once had an accident and knows how and when to use her litter box.

Overall we are so happy with our kitten as she has been a great addition to our family and our Siberian Husky loves her as well!

by Paul on Bengal Kittens Philadelphia
Perfect Bengals

We purchased a perfectly well adjusted, beautiful female Bengal named Zira a few months ago from Regina and Victor. They were very informative on the breed, and seemed to have the highest regard for the health of their cats.

by The Kelly Family on Bengal Kittens Philadelphia
Bengal Kitten Owner

After four years of researching the breed, being memorized by their patterns, and finding a fantastic breeder. Our family was finally able to welcome home our little bengal kitten. He is stunning and has the best personality. Regina and her family were very knowledgeable and socialized the kittens perfectly. Our kitten is super playful, gentle, and loves to snuggle. Oh and did i mention he loves to play marco polo! Thank you for allowing us join the Kittens Bengal family.

by Kayla Povazan on Bengal Kittens Philadelphia
I Love My Bengal Sissy

Sissy is an amazing cat. Her personality is almost like a dog! She is very playful, curious, and very well behaved. She loves to climb the walls and go for walks outside and chase after birds! Regina was Beth helpful in the beginning when I had a lot of questions, as I have never owned a Bengal before. She was patient with me, and always responded quickly. I still to this day send Regina pictures and videos of sissy, and she still asks how she’s doing. If I wanted another kitten, it would definitely adopt from Regina again. Sissy is a wonderful cat and we love her!!

by Branden Pizarro on Bengal Kittens Philadelphia
Owner Of Bangle

I genuinely appreciate them for allowing me to purchase the cat! The cat is super friendly and amazing. Regina and her daughter are very interactive and till this day they still check on the cat! Thank you guys for great service! I appreciate you!

by Senay on Bengal Kittens Philadelphia
My Bengal

We thankyou soo much for This amazing Bengal
We couldn't expect more than you.its like a family member to us 🐈

by Daniel Pernia on Bengal Kittens Philadelphia
Beyond Happy with our Bengal

My daughter wished for a kitten for her birthday and after doing some research, my daughter and I decided to visit Regina to view her latest litter of Bengal kittens.
What struck me from our initial visit was the passion Regina has for all her Bengal kittens. Regina is not just a breeder but has a vested interest in everyone who is lucky enough to own one of these beautiful animals. Throughout the whole process from when I first made the inquiry to the day I picked my kitten up (named Bart), Regina could not have been more attentive, thoughtful and informative. She helps and supports with everything, beyond expectations.
For example, we had weekly updates/ photos/ and she welcomed us to visit the kittens until he could be collected after his final vaccination.
All answers to my questions regarding food, vaccinations, health checks, parents, socialization and more were answered without me even needing to ask!
The results are that we are beyond happy with our new addition to our family. Bart is a beautiful brown rosetted Bengal who’s confident, loving, playful and literally a little comedian.
The quality of Regina’s cats are second to none and more than a little bit special. So much care and attention has gone into Regina’s kittens. I cannot recommend Regina highly enough and will not hesitate to visit her again if we decide to get Bart a companion.
Thank you, Regina!

by Yvonne on Bengal Kittens Philadelphia
I Love My Bengal

I love my Bengal he has a sweet personally, very beautiful cat and wonderful temperament. If I had the room would purchase another one from this cattery. I highly recommended them excellent cats and great communication.

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