Bengal Kittens

Care Guidelines

Thank you for purchasing a Reginamur Bengal ! The following are important guidelines on how to take care of your Reginamur Bengal.
We recommend for you to keep your kitten in a small area for the first couple days (a bathroom or a bedroom) with food, water and litter box. A kitten may cry for the first 48 hours or hide under the bed or other small, dark spaces. If your Bengal was shipped, please show kitty extra love and attention, hold the baby in closed comfort.

Litterboxes. Do not place the litter box in the laundry room or another floor of the house – the kitten will not find it! The more litter boxes the better! At least for the first month while the kitten is adjusting to its new home. Our kittens are litter trained when they leave us, but we have found that in some very rare cases, some kittens find it harder to adjust to their new home, become confused and have accidents when they arrive at their new home. Please be patient with your kitten.
Do not use an automated litter box for your Bengal until they are at least 6 months old.
Or you can use Fresh Step Crystals Cat Litter that completely removes the smell. It quickly absorb moisture and stop odor better than the leading clay litter. Lightweight crystals make transport and box changing a breeze which will make you.

FOOD. We are currently feeding our kittens with ROYAL CANIN KITTEN. If you planning to use another brand, you will need to slowly mix it in the new brand dry food. We occasionally feed them with boiled chicken breasts. You can give your kitten a can once a day (half a can in the morning and half at night). When kitten becomes older, you can increase the food amount(one can in the morning and one can at night). We recommend you to use PURINA PRO PLAN\focus \kitten or ROAYL CANIN\kitten.
Dry food should be alway available for the kitten (just make sure that the bowl is always full with dry food).

SUPPLEMENT. While the kitten is adjusting to its new home, we recommend supplementing its diet with L-lysine, that helps boost their immune system and make them less susceptible to infection. We give our kittens NUVET PLUS, which we get from We give this to them before they leave our cattery, to help protect him/her from infections while they adjust to their new environment. We, also add other vitamins to food that help kittens grow strong and healthy.

Return policy:
If Kitten needs to be returned for any reasons, other than kitten health-related problem (including, but not limited to pet conflict, human allergies) will be refunded with 50% of the purchase price, while kitten being not older than 6 months old. After 6 months old 25% will be refunded. May not be returned if our bengal Kitten has been exposed to another cat or other animal. As well as if the Kitten was allowed outside or was not housed in a clean and safe environment.
We as a Seller, warrant that Kitten was fully litter box trained. However, the new surrounding may confuse the Kitten and may result in improper elimination. Purchaser need to ensure that Kitten knows where its new litter box is located, and Seller recommends that Purchaser use the same type of litter box and litter as it was used at Seller premises, to avoid confusing the Kitten.    Please, DO NOT abandon our cats, incase you are not capable  of taking care of the cat, don’t like the cat ,or whatever reason there is, please give it back to us . We will find a good home for  them, we promise no judgment from our side