Bengal Kittens

Bengal Queens

Lavieange Hennessy of Reginamur is a lovely brown spotted queen out of Lavieange Ferrari and Abigale Leonella of Bengal Luxe. She really has everything what I want to see in a Bengal cat! Hennessy has perfect rosettes – black outlines with brown center spots. Her body shape, small ears, good profile and big eyes are a perfect combination for a Bengal cat! Her flowless pedigree guarantees high quality bloodlines. As of her personality, she is very friendly and sensitive, she likes a lot of attention, but at the same time likes to climb the highest high and spend time alone without anyone bothering her.

Lavieange Marsell of Reginamur is a lovely Mink spotted Queen that is beautiful in every way. Marsell has lovely patterns and body type, also with has sweet and affectionate personality. She is a snow rosette spotted Bengal with a high-quality pedigree. Marsell is very enthusiastic, friendly and energetic cat! She loves to be surrounded by people therefore she never leaves her owner. She acts a lot like a puppy, anything on her way becomes a toy and she also likes to swim!

Reginamur Brilliantice is our new queen girls that came from Lavieange Marsell of Reginamur and Lavieange Ferrari. This lovely queen is a snow lynx, she has perfect rosettes and white background color. Her luxurious coat is very soft and she also has a lovely delightful short thick tail. I should also mention her mesmerizing blue eyes!


Let me introduce- Gabriella , the bright representative of the real bengal in our stellar bengal community .