Bengal Kittens

Bengal Queens

Lavienge Hennessy is a lovely brown spotted queen out of Kanpur Ferrari and Abigal Leonella Bengal Luxe. She really has everything what I want to see in a Bengal cat! Hennessy has perfect rosettes – black outlines with brown center spots. Her body shape, small ears, good profile and big eyes are a perfect combination for a Bengal cat! Her flowless pedigree guarantees high quality bloodlines. As of her personality, she is very friendly and sensitive, she likes a lot of attention, but at the same time likes to climb the highest high and spend time alone without anyone bothering her.

Lavieange Marsell of Reginamur is a lovely Mink spotted Queen that is beautiful in every way. Marsell has lovely patterns and body type, also with has sweet and affectionate personality. She is a snow rosette spotted Bengal with a high-quality pedigree. Marsell is very enthusiastic, friendly and energetic cat! She loves to be surrounded by people therefore she never leaves her owner. She acts a lot like a puppy, anything on her way becomes a toy and she also likes to swim!

Reginamur Brilliantice is our new queen girls that came from Lavieange Marsell of Reginamur and Lavieange Ferrari. This lovely queen is a snow lynx, she has perfect rosettes and white background color. Her luxurious coat is very soft and she also has a lovely delightful short thick tail. I should also mention her mesmerizing blue eyes!


Let me introduce Alica , the bright representative of the real bengal in our stellar bengal community. Really love the type and wild look on Alisa. she is going to develop into a phenomenal looking girl. 


Reginamur Affina.

This pretty lady is named Reginamur Affina. She is a graduate of Reginamur cattery! She was born from Lavienge Batman and Lavienge Marsell. Affina has gorgeous foxy like, green eyes. She is the most curious cat ever ,you can never hide anything from her! She also only like to eat with a company, and that’s why we always find a lot of stuffed toys in her food  and water bowls