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Bengal kittens for sale in New York City

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Thinking about how to prepare for a new kitten? Our guide tells you all you need to know

Whether you’re adopting a kitten from shelter or you’ve found one from a local breeder, bringing your new arrival home is an exciting experience. Kittens can be entertaining and playful – not to mention undeniably cute! Already thinking about the fun you’ll have? Now is the perfect time to prepare for a new kitten.

Buying a kitten online New York

While it might be tempting to buy kittens for adoption through online listings, adverts or on social media, it isn’t recommended.

It isn’t always possible to guarantee that kittens listed are from a reputable breeder, and your new feline friend could end up with future health issues.

Buying a kitten from a breeder in New York City

If you want to buy a bengal kitten from a breeder, you’ll need to make sure you see the kitten where it was bred before agreeing to the sale. Being introduced to the kitten’s mum, as well as seeing its home environment, is particularly important. On meeting the kitten, you should check they are:

  • sociable
  • alert
  • have bright eyes
  • have no visible health issues

Buying a pedigree bengal kitten New York

If the kitten is a pedigree, there are rules which the breeder should adhere to. Some organisations, such as the TICA, have rules about ethical breeding and health. Make sure to research the breed online for more questions about purchasing a pedigree kitten.

Buying a bengal kitten in New York

If you’ve bought a kitten online or from a local breeder, they’ll need to stay with their mum until they’re around eight to nine weeks old. You should have had a chance to meet your kitten already and take a look at their surroundings, ensuring that they are sociable, alert and have no visible health issues. If possible, you could ask to see the kitten’s mother.

Your kitten should have also been ‘socialised’ properly before they come home with you, gradually exposing them to a number of experiences. This happens between two and eight weeks old and helps kittens to adjust to life while their brains and sensory systems are still developing. They should have experienced:

  • meeting different people
  • handling (including being handled by a vet)
  • different sounds
  • playing with different types of toys

Bengal kittens for sale in New York City

Kitten’s essential checklist

Making kitten-related purchases is part of the fun, especially when it comes to choosing them new toys to play with. Before you begin buying novelty items and expensive treats, here’s a list of essential things your kitten will need before they arrive.

  • A food bowl
  • A water bowl – placing the water bowl away from the food bowl encourages cats to drink
  • Food and water – ideally, continue feeding your kitten what they are used to, this will help them settle into their new home
  • A soft, comfortable bed and blankets
  • A litter tray (with cat litter that they are used to using), placed away from their eating area
  • A sturdy scratching post
  • A cat brush to keep their fur groomed
  • A cat carrier – something well ventilated and sturdy
  • New toys and games – a fishing rod toy is the perfect choice for energetic kittens