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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
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Socialization, skills and discipline

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Kittens are like children, they need love and attention, but discipline too. They can be active and playful but they should not turn into “the scourge of God”. Provide them with toys and simple objects like paper bags, cardboard boxes, and twisted sheets of paper. Any toy that doesn’t have small parts that could be torn off and swallowed is suitable.
Don’t put the kitten on its back and don’t grab its tummy when playing with it: it excites the kitten and provokes biting. Don’t let it play with your fingers: it must learn that it’s forbidden to bite your fingers. Also, don’t encourage any rudeness when playing: it can be fun with a kitten, but later it will turn into a problem with an adult cat. Keep a water gun handy – it’s an indispensable tool for education.
Don’t expect that you can achieve obedience by force: a cat will always win this battle. Never hit the Bengal cat: soon you will find out that it doesn’t want to stay close to you. Any coercion can make it distrust you for a long time.
Bengal cats are very intelligent and therefore easy to teach. Be consistent when teaching the kitten and don’t forget that the Bengal cat is self-loving and it believes that the world should satisfy its desires. If you don’t like something about the cat’s behaviour, try to look at the situation from its point of view to understand the cause of the problem.
We don’t advise you to let a kitten out: there are lots of dangers like cars or infections that are carried by homeless animals. If you start letting it out, it will be constantly sitting next to the door waiting for the moment to sneak out. After a while, you will have a pet that doesn’t want to stay with you at home at all. If you have never let a cat out, it will feel great at home and not even suspect that it missed something in its life. Please also note that having visited the wild, your cat, even if castrated, can begin to “mark” the territory: it will not be motivated by a sexual but a territorial instinct.