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How To Train a Bengal Cat To Use The Toilet

Cat mom teaches kittens to use the cat litter tray, so by the time of the kitten’s arrival, it will be already accustomed to the tray. Please note that the kitten may not find the place on its own at its new home. Look at your house with the eyes of a kitten, especially if there are a lot of rooms and floors. A small creature can just get lost in the labyrinth of all these rooms, stairs and doors. This is one of the reasons to keep the kitten in a small space at the beginning. The need for that soon disappears as it explores the house with its new friend –you. If you have several floors, put a cat litter tray on each of them.
Don’t punish the Bengal kitten if it doesn’t use the tray. You risk to be considered an enemy and being avoided. Try to understand the reason and eliminate it instead. Ask the veterinarian to make sure the kitten doesn’t have an infection of the urinary tract. Also, make sure that the cat litter tray is located in a convenient and sufficiently secluded place where nothing scares the Bengal cat. Sometimes it turns out that the problem is in a flavoured filler, pleasant for the human nose but not for a cat's one.