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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
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Feeding the kitten

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The Bengal cats eat the same food as other cats do. But the high-quality dry food made of meat is the best for it. A diet based on dry food will help keep the kitten's teeth clean. Don’t give the kitten pieces of food from your table and don’t give milk, no matter how much it’s asking for it. This can disorder its digestion or make it picky about its own cat food.
The kitten can eat the special food for kittens for up to a year unless it starts gaining weight noticeably. If there is excess weight, start feeding it adult cat food.
Cheap cat food contains a large number of food fillers, so the kitten needs to eat a large portion in order not to remain hungry. This is fraught with clogging of the intestines. If you give your cat a high-quality food, it will have a formed stool and you will have fewer problems with waste.
Some breeders add a small amount of lean beef to the Bengal kitten diet. Indeed, lean red meat, including beef heart, is usually well digested and very beloved by the Bengal cats.
Be careful when giving it raw meat. Don’t store meat at room temperature for too long and if the cat has not touched it for 20 minutes, take the meat away. Never give the Bengal cat raw bird meat or pork.