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Bengal kitten or cat adaptation to a new home

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Usually, the Bengal kitten or cat adaptation to a new home goes without any problems. The Bengal cat quickly adapts to the changes and soon a new place feels like home for it. However, there are some questions regarding the newfound family member. We will now discuss this matter in order to facilitate a better mutual understanding between the two sides. Remember, however, that every kitten is an individual and you have to be attentive to its personal characteristics and needs.
Sometimes a kitten comes to you by plane. It can frighten the baby greatly – all these smells and noise of the reactive engines. It will probably miss its mom and games comrades. Be patient, pet it and try to calm it down right after its arrival. Take it in your hands and comfort it – it will be very grateful to you for saving it from the plane.
Isolate the Bengal kitten from overactive children and other animals at home for some time. Let it feel comfortable in the new environment. We recommend keeping the kitten in a small area at first with food and its own toilet nearby. This gives it the opportunity to get acquainted with the new situation, eat and calmly use the cat litter tray.
It’s especially important if you already have other pets: at first, they may resist the “stranger” using their litter tray and eating from their bowl. Besides, if you let the baby run freely around the house right after you brought it home, it may simply not find a way to its litter tray. Keep it close to its house, take it “on a tour” around the house until it learns the local topography. Your new Bengal kitten can play with other cats by putting its paws under the door: it’s a great way to gradually introduce it to them.
Another way to accustom the newcomer to your pets is to put it back into the cat carrier and place it within their reach. Let them sniff each other and get acquainted. Of course, there will be some hissing and spit, usually from the older cat into whose territory the “stranger” intruded, but this is unlikely to last longer than a few days. The Bengal cat is not easily intimidated, as a rule, it adapts very quickly.
Don’t let small children chase kittens with loud cries. Explain to them how to communicate with it right. Usually, Bengal cats perfectly communicate with children and willingly play with them.

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