Bengal Kittens Philadelphia

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
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Bengal kittens eat meat | Bengal Kittens for sale

We wean our kittens onto a raw, ground chicken diet, supplemented with vitamins and minerals. Once our kittens are eating their raw chicken well, Purina Pro Plan, Chicken formula, is mixed into the raw at an increasing rate, until the kittens are exclusively eating the Purina Pro Plan. At all times, our kittens have access to Royal Canin Mother and Babycat formula dry food. Kittens eating primarily wet food tend to drink very little. Because moisture content in wet food is so high, not much water is required.

If you live in New York, then you can buy a kitten bengal from us.

We take very good care of the kittens and they are growing up in good conditions and in excellent health.

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